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Welcome to the Perth Hernia Institute

Perth Hernia Institute considers hernia and its management as a major and specialised surgical field. Therefore, a dedicated multidisciplinary group of medical and surgical specialists will contribute to the management of the patients presenting with hernia.

This multidisciplinary group consists of:
  1. Dedicated hernia surgeons
  2. Chronic Pain Specialist
  3. Nutritionist
  4. Rehabilitation specialist
  5. Physiotherapist

Our philosophy

The care of patients’ hernia starts in the preoperative stage. All medical co morbidities such as diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases will be optimised to ensure optimum result of any subsequent hernia repair. Pain is commonly a major component of hernia presentation. Therefore, appropriate patients will benefit from review by the chronic pain specialist. Appropriate patient may also benefit from referral to physiotherapy review (“prehabilitation”).

All operative hernia repair will be personalised to individual cases and patients, rather than a “one-surgery-fits-all” principle. Our surgeons are able to perform the latest surgical techniques in hernia repair. This includes the latest in minimal invasive surgery, such as extended Totally Extraperitoneal (eTEP). All major cases will be operated by two surgeons to optimise the surgical care

We at the Perth Hernia Institute regard the post-operative recovery phase as critical in the long term result of any hernia repair. It is extremely important that patients are rehabilitated in the appropriate steps to enable return to work and family living. We will engage rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapist to provide the necessary physical recovery post hernia repair.

The Perth Hernia Institute will also be run as an academic unit, as a number of the personnel are associated with UWA and teaching of medical students and junior doctors. Deidentified data will be kept and used to run a prospective audit to ensure that the results of the repair will be maintained at the highest level

Conditions, Investigations and Treatments

An overview of our services is listed here. For the full details, please see

To make an appointment

Call Clinical Associate Professor H. Ahmad at Waikiki on: (08) 9592 2298, or Fax to: (08) 6314 1524 

Call Prof. J. Hamdorf at Nedlands on: (08) 6424 8596, or Fax to: (08) 9389 1770 

between 9am–4pm Monday to Friday.

We will ask you for your full name and address, as shown on your Medicare card, your date of birth and contact phone number.If you have an email address we will send you a confirmation of your appointment details and further information as applicable. Otherwise this information will be posted to you.

What to bring

When you come to your appointment please bring your:

  • Medicare Card/DVA Card
  • Private health insurance card
  • Your doctor’s referral to Mr Ahmad or Professor Hamdorf
  • Any relevant test results (blood tests, x-rays, scans).

Clinical Associate Professor Hairul Ahmad


Suite 12, Waikiki Specialist Centre
221 Willmott Dve, Waikiki

Practice Details

Suite 12, Waikiki Specialist Centre
221 Willmott Drive, Waikiki 6169
(08) 9592 2298

51 Hampden Road, Nedlands WA 6009
(08) 6424 8596

email us

Office hours

9am–4pm Monday to Friday

Professor Jeff Hamdorf, AM

51 Hampden Road, Nedlands

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