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Case Study

Consent was obtained from the patient for this case study.
The patient is a male aged 44 years.

He has had two previous hernia repairs. With the latest recurrence of the hernia, he was informed by a senior surgeon that the two hernias were not amenable to further repair.

He presented with two large hernias – one in the middle of his abdomen and a second one in the lower right side of his abdomen.
before the operation
before operation side view

Before the operation.

He had Botox injected into the muscles on the side of the abdomen about a month prior to the surgery. The aim of this was to ‘relax’ the muscles so that they could be brought together during the surgery under reduced tension.

He was successfully operated on a month later. The two hernias were repaired with two large pieces of mesh.
After the operation, front view.
6 weeks after the operation.

After the operation (6 weeks post-surgery).

Clinical Associate Professor Hairul Ahmad 


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